Tune Ups- This terminology is becoming extinct,  most cars now have ignition modules in place of point, distributors have been replaced by modules and coil packs, carburetors replaced with  fuel injection, spark plugs now have high wearing metals such as platinum. As a result if you ask for a tune up there is really very little to adjust if anything, the computers in the cars do this for you now on a daily driving basis. 
30k, 60k, 90k, services for many makes and models.                Every vehicle is different, manufacturers very their                    requirements for their vehicles. We can structure each service to fit exactly what the manufacture intended for the vehicle. This way you aren't spending money servicing items that are not due at your particular mileage.
$139.95 and up,  An inexpensive Brake service, replace      brake pads, turn rotors, clean any shims, sliders,                       caliper sliders, etc. Reassemble with appropriate                        caliper and/or slider lube, test drive. Note that this is for 1 axle, front or rear most drum brake system can fall into this price category also. brake pads and shoes can be upgraded for additional charge if desired. We highly recommend quality parts for your brakes, however we also understand sometimes there is a budget.
$34.95Oil Change Special, oil, oil filter replaced, all fluids topped off, tires checked and general inspection of underhood and undercar.  Most Cars, Deisels excluded, up to 5 qrts