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Get To Know Us Special
Get to know us Special $49.72* Oil change & filter • Free tire rotation brake lining check & ... [More] 47 pt. Inspection*
*Up to 5 qts. Excludes synthetics & canister style filters
Limited time offer • First time customers only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Check Engine Light Customer Courtesy
Retrieve code & advise best course of action.
Does not include diagnosis.
1996 and newer vehicles only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Brake Service Starting at $203.06
Brake Service starting at $203.06*
Includes: Resurface Rotors, Replace Brake Pads, Clean & Lube ... [More] Caliper Slides.
*Most vehicles. Limited time offer.
*Must present ad to receive offer.
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A/C Service and Repair

A vehicle’s HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) system, has become more complex and efficient in newer model cars. Here at Keep It New Auto Service, in Brentwood, CA, we service almost all aspects of your autos HVAC system.

Your coolant is to cool the engine (antifreeze), but it also transports that heat into a box (heater core box, that is usually in your dash), so the engine’s hot air can provide you with warmth on those frosty days. But this has nothing to do with your air conditioning that is located in the same area, but almost always a completely separate system. It does, however, typically share the fan and air ducts. So if coolant is low, being that it’s a separate system then your air conditioning, simply addressing that, will have no impact on your A/C.

There are so many aspects of an HVAC system that I could write about. Instead of boring you with details, come on in and leave it up to our ASE Certified Technicians to diagnose your vehicle and it’s body control modules, compressors, expansion valves or orifice tubes, or even the receiver dryers along with all the electronics, that make it all work and keep you comfortable on the road.

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