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Brake Service Starting at $203.06
Brake Service starting at $203.06*
Includes: Resurface Rotors, Replace Brake Pads, Clean & Lube ... [More] Caliper Slides.
*Most vehicles. Limited time offer.
*Must present ad to receive offer.
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Get To Know Us Special
Get to know us Special $49.72* Oil change & filter • Free tire rotation brake lining check & ... [More] 47 pt. Inspection*
*Up to 5 qts. Excludes synthetics & canister style filters
Limited time offer • First time customers only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Check Engine Light Customer Courtesy
Retrieve code & advise best course of action.
Does not include diagnosis.
1996 and newer vehicles only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Brake repair and services

Brakes Repair | Keep It New Auto Service

Brakes: Yes brakes, they stop your car or truck. And, although a typical “FREE” brake inspection is great, does it give you everything you really need to know about their current condition? We provide an in depth look not only at the common pads and rotors but also at the calipers, sliders, your brake fluid and the brake lines. Call us today to get a real inspection! 

Our brake inspections are almost always FREE, and more often when combined with another service or repair. Some circumstances may incur a fee. 
Drum brakes are a different beast but our ASE Mechanics and Technicians know how to recommend service, maintenance and repairs that keep you safely stopping without unnecessary costs.

Brakes Repair:  We perform all sorts of brake repair from the simple pads and rotors replacement, turning or machining rotors to calipers and brake lines, master cylinders brake boosters and ABS system repair and diagnosis.

Antilock Brakes:  ABS, what an invention! This feature of your vehicle takes the wheel speed when braking and uses an ultra fast computer to actuate solenoids to pump the brakes faster than a Tasmanian devil with a liking for Red Bull. The result is that it keeps the tires from skidding and instead maintains what is mathematically calculated as the best possible traction for a panic or loose contact stopping distance. We got you covered here as well. Let us know what’s going on, whether it’s an ABS light or an issue with traction.

ABS: See antilock Brakes, we can help stop that annoying yet unsafe light from being on, don't forget, when that ABS light is on while your driving, the ABS is functioning only as a convention (normal non-ABS) system, so in 99% of the cases if the brakes feel fine but the light is illuminated, you no longer have ABS but you do have normal brakes without the safety of anti skid. Best get it checked out so give us a call.


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