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After working in independent shops then moving into dealerships and spending over 10 years there I've noted one consistent thing, people pay way to much and get way to little. I argued fused and complained but the bottom line for some of these places is just simply that, the bottom line.

I took a look at myself and realized that I had 28+ years in this industry, I've worked on all kinds of things from Aircraft to hovercraft to motorcycles, boats, RV's, and the occasional clogged toilet at home, why do I need to follow the footsteps of others when I could make my own. I decided that I could do it differently, so here we are Keep it New Auto Service, your Auto Repair Brentwood.

I cant believe the feedback I've received people, I'm happy and honored to be able to help so many people, come see me, have a chat and find out for yourself if your comfortable letting us be your auto repair shop.

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