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Get to know us Special $49.72* Oil change & filter • Free tire rotation brake lining check & ... [More] 47 pt. Inspection*
*Up to 5 qts. Excludes synthetics & canister style filters
Limited time offer • First time customers only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Check Engine Light Customer Courtesy
Retrieve code & advise best course of action.
Does not include diagnosis.
1996 and newer vehicles only
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Brake Service Starting at $203.06
Brake Service starting at $203.06*
Includes: Resurface Rotors, Replace Brake Pads, Clean & Lube ... [More] Caliper Slides.
*Most vehicles. Limited time offer.
*Must present ad to receive offer.
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Water Pump:  Water pumps are most commonly driven by a serpentine drive belt, by a V belt, or in some cases, by the timing belt. Engineers have used various designs, through the years, and innovation. To create a list here, would be a waste of time. Let’s just say - they all pump water, hence the name. Leaks, lack of function, or bearing failure, are among the problems that may warrant the replacement of a water pump.  Just like oil is vital to the engine, a water pump must have coolant to function properly. See coolant services, for further details on proper coolant care.

Fan(s): There are a few, and it seems that every vehicle is unique. There can be a radiator fan (or fans), the HVAC or Blower fan, some automobiles have rear fans, some have electric radiator fans, or even clutch controlled fans. In any case, we are a fan of fans! (sorry for the cheeky humor). They do a much better job of keeping things cool. 

If you think you have a fan issue, give us a call. We will do our best to help you keep your cool, while keeping your engine performing at its best.

Thermostat(s):  Among the mix of parts in your car or truck, the thermostat does its job by allowing coolant to flow through the engine at the proper temperature, and back to the radiator, to maintain that pre-engineered, proper temperature. Some thermostats are designed to fail in the open position, so no major damage to the engine is done. However, like many automotive related things, there are exceptions to the rule.

They can still fail closed, not allowing any coolant to the engine. As I’m sure we all are aware, this a colossal nightmare in the middle of summer. Many of us can imagine - you just bought 2 gallons of ice cream, it’s melting into your freshly dry cleaned items in the trunk, and your frustrated, waiting for the tow truck to arrive, while stuck on a busy freeway, with kids arguing in the back seat......... during rush hour.  Sorry for the tangent, but let Keep It New Auto Service help prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality. 


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