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Get To Know Us Special
Get to know us Special $49.72* Oil change & filter • Free tire rotation brake lining check & ... [More] 47 pt. Inspection*
*Up to 5 qts. Excludes synthetics & canister style filters
Limited time offer • First time customers only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Check Engine Light Customer Courtesy
Retrieve code & advise best course of action.
Does not include diagnosis.
1996 and newer vehicles only
* Must present ad to receive offer
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Brake Service Starting at $203.06
Brake Service starting at $203.06*
Includes: Resurface Rotors, Replace Brake Pads, Clean & Lube ... [More] Caliper Slides.
*Most vehicles. Limited time offer.
*Must present ad to receive offer.
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Check Engine Light

EWW the dreaded check engine light, I get calls all the time and it’s so hard to explain in a short sentence, how much it will cost to get that pesky light to turn off. It’s always best to bring in your vehicle and allow us to run a computer diagnostic test. I will certainly try and provide insight, but without knowing which “code” set off the light, it is difficult to give an accurate analysis. If, after a computer diagnostics test, you have any questions, we can walk you through it. 

For instance - there are on an average THOUSANDS of different codes and variations of codes that a modern vehicle will trigger the CEL or Check Engine Light. If there were, say, on average 4 to 15 different fixes for each code, with a different cost associated to each one, and then add in the vast pool of different cars with different systems even in the same model, with different options.... Well, I think you see what I am alluding to. 

Then we have the battle of finding the culprit or culprit(s), (yes it is common for more than one problem to be causing a light to turn on). We then verify that the onboard computer agrees with us and there are no other codes that may only appear once that, more dominating code, has been fixed. I could write a book on this subject, but by the time it came to print the automotive technology of today would become obsolete. The safest thing to do when a light comes on, is to address it right away so not to create further damage to your engine, and trust that we are here to help keep you and your vehicle on the road. 

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