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Get to know us Special $49.72* Oil change & filter • Free tire rotation brake lining check & ... [More] 47 pt. Inspection*
*Up to 5 qts. Excludes synthetics & canister style filters
Limited time offer • First time customers only
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Check Engine Light Customer Courtesy
Retrieve code & advise best course of action.
Does not include diagnosis.
1996 and newer vehicles only
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Brake Service Starting at $203.06
Brake Service starting at $203.06*
Includes: Resurface Rotors, Replace Brake Pads, Clean & Lube ... [More] Caliper Slides.
*Most vehicles. Limited time offer.
*Must present ad to receive offer.
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Radiator Repair:  The radiator is typically found in the front of your car or truck. Coolant, or sometimes water, that is used to keep the engine “cool”, flows through the vehicle’s water pump (at very high temperatures), from the engine to the radiator, where it is cooled off by air passing over it. There can be many failures with the radiator. The most common are leaks, blockages, cracks, or hose damage. So, when you begin to notice that your car is overheating, or you find a leak from the front end of your vehicle; give us a call. Let the mechanics at Keep It New Auto Service, identify and repair these cooling issues.  

Coolant Services

Coolant Flush:  Coolant collects debris, like any white shirt I have ever worn! Sorry, but it does. 

As a grown man I have always acknowledged the fact that, if I wear white shirt, or any light colored clothing, it will stain and collect something, no matter what I do. I then have to change.

Same goes for coolant! It is recommended that you flush your coolant ever so often, as it collects debris, breaking down the integrity of the coolant, itself. If not addressed, the sediment may begin to wear parts out faster; i.e. your water pump, the multiple seals and gaskets, or even the thermostat. It may even clog the radiator! Before that happens, let us give your radiator the care it needs with new fluids. No need to go overboard though, a coolant flush by Keep It New Auto Service in Brentwood, CA is only recommended every couple of years. *As with everything, there are exceptions to this rule. call your service advisor to find out the specific recommendation for your car or truck. Some newer and well maintained systems may simply get a drain and refill, while other vehicles may need some further flushing; with high quality cleaner, that we provide.

Coolant Exchange:  See coolant flush, but in this case we will just replace what drains out. This service is typically performed on newer or well maintained vehicles; that do not need a complete “flush”. There is no guarantee that this service will get rid of 100% of the fluid and/or any debris. But, for simple maintenance, and when a flush is not needed, this service will be recommended. It costs a lot less, too!

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