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Fuel Injectors

Explanation of Fuel Injectors in its simplest form and a few tips on maintenance 

Fuel Injectors are the replacement for carburetors.  They come with a huge advantage of cleaner emissions, better performance all with better fuel mileage.  Not to mention the ability to be able to have the engine computer adjust them to accommodate for different climate, altitude, and engine imperfections, just to name a few.  All this with the repeatability and dependability we have come to expect in todays cars.

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service - Keep It New Auto Service - Brentwood, CA

With all this, like anything they aren't perfect and neither are their controlling systems.  Depending on the application and configuration, they can fall victim to a few issues.  Carbon buildup that is normally referred to for fuel injection cleanings isn't necessarily built up on the injector itself but rather the intake valve(but both can still happen).  Even if the injector is operating correctly then power and economy robbing carbon may still cling to the valve that the injector is commonly placed in front of.  Solution?? If you run high quality fuel this is step 1. The next thing to do is to have a professional grade environmentally safe chemical ran through the intake and also the injectors. There is so much more to this subject, but for now I hope this helps steer you in the right direction for your needs.     

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